One of the things I learnt from Akceso – always welcome challenges

Written by Éva Kiss

How to link the challenge of the Blue Trail with the development of pharma pricing tool 


The National Blue Trail in Hungary is a 1,168 km long hiking route in the northern part of the country. Its history goes back to 1930 but it became popular in recent decades, and is known as the Blue Trail because the route is marked with a blue horizontal stripe. For completing it ‘officially’ you need to keep your Hiking Log with you and along the trail there are stamping points in order to log your performance

National Blue Trail Hungary

Why am I writing about this?

This year my husband and I decided that we will complete this trail. We already started it several years ago but did not get so far; there were always excuses – lack of time, the kids are too small etc. But then we realized that if we wait for the perfect time, it will never happen.

How this topic linked to my job in pharma pricing and market access?

One of the things that I have learnt during my time with Akceso is that, if you believe that something is good and brings value, do not wait to start doing it. It will evolve over time but you need to initiate the first steps.

This has been our experience with our tool for International Reference Pricing simulations, called Verity IRP Master Tool. This was one of the first tools that we developed in the company, as IRP is a major focus for pharma pricing and it is very challenging for pricing and market access managers to handle. 

The first version of the tool back in 2011-2012 already had the main functionalities but was only used internally to run and support launch sequence and in-market optimization projects. The second and then today’s version are accessible online, available for our clients to subscribe to so that they can reach this pricing tool from anywhere.

How to link the challenge of the Blue Trail with the development of a pharma pricing tool

There is always room for improvement

Our pharma pricing tool was quite comprehensive from the beginning but is under continuous development. We constantly think about what new features we could add to address clients’ needs and we also get great inputs from our users – similar to the Blue Trail, where the route itself (‘content’) extended over time but the essence remained the same. At the same time the Hiking Log changed several times, becoming more user friendly and eye-catching – the current interface of Akceso’s IRP tool was developed also with the intention of becoming as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

IRP Master Tool on a monitor screen

My quest to complete the Blue Trail is only just beginning (around 10% of the route completed so far) but applying the same commitment as we have within our company when developing tools or running projects for clients – embracing challenges, being motivated and energetic, applying great planning and organizational skills – I am sure it will be a great achievement!

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