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A highly experienced multicultural team, ready to meet your exact needs – fast.

The Core Team includes experienced Advisors with medical, pharmaceutical, marketing and R&D backgrounds,
as well as quantitative science experts and access & pricing modellers.

Service Manager

Research Coordinator

Virtual Officer

Strategy Advisor

Pharmaceuticals Information Specialist

The origin of
our company name

Akeso (see also Aceso) A | ce | so (n)/ Ἀκεσώ Greek goddess of the healing process. She was the daughter of Asclepius and Epione.

Our Network Has the Flexibility to Adjust to Your Scope

To offer you, our client, the best most up-to-date help and advice, Akceso Advisors augments its core pricing, market access and launch planning expertise with a worldwide network of specialist service providers and covering Health Economics, Clinical Research, Strategic Marketing and Public Affairs.


Given Akceso’s independent stance, we could build a Global Standing Payer Network for ad-hoc input or in-depth primary research. This includes:

  • Former NICE, SMC members for UK, 
  • Transparency Commission former members for France, 
  • G-BA Arbitration Board former member for Germany, and 
  • Similar for many other European countries, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and more.  
  • For the US e.g. former VP Aetna, Pharmacy Director of Molina, Director of Humana, Chief Pharmacy Officer of OptumRx/UnitedHealth, etc.
  • Special, close contact with former payers in Central and Eastern Europe

With active Payers we have been co-creating innovative payer engagement models, to accelerate access to patients.

Close collaboration, joint conference presentations, publications with world-renown academic experts.

Prepare for
future events.

Our experts also written publications that provided insights for pharma industry players. Click the button on the right to browse our publiations.

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