How a hostage negotiator can inspire business leaders?

Incze András

Written by András Incze

Read the thoughts of András Incze – CEO and Founder of Akceso – related to the Advanced High-Performance Leadership (HPL) program led by Professor George Kohlrieser.

IMD High-Performance Leadership program led by Professor George Kohlrieser

My last 20 years of leadership journey have been greatly inspired and influenced by the IMD High-Performance Leadership (HPL) program led by Professor George Kohlrieser.

I had the opportunity in 2002 to join one of the first HPL programs. I got hooked, so attended an Advanced Program a few years later, then numerous Retreats, HPL Alumni Sessions, and just last week again the Advanced High-Performance Leadership Program

The evolution of the leadership programs from 2002

The HPL program has continually updated and reinvented itself, from George being the one single coach for the whole class in 2002 to a team of great coaches supporting participant learning and growth in small groups; from few external speakers at the beginning to an amazing line-up of them over the years with quadruple-amputee-climber Jamie Andrew, Hungarian holocaust survivor Edith Eger, Nuclear Submarine Captain David Marquet, award-winning author Dan Goleman and many more. The program included highlights such as the exhausting yet thrilling hostage simulation ‘Inside Risk’, and deep grief work in groups unlocking one’s further leadership growth. Recent faculty additions have enriched the program with their experiences, including an FBI negotiation trainer.

The powerful concepts of the leadership program

One aspect, however, has not changed over the years, and rightly so: the incredible depth participants can delve into, exploring the roots of their own leadership and building upon it. The powerful concepts of Bonding, the Mind’s Eye, the Person Effect, Held Hostage, Grief Cycle, Bull’s Eye Transaction and Playing to Win all being brought to life during the sessions, preparing the participants (often senior leaders) to step up to the next level of leading themselves and others.

This is all a great credit to George who, in my personal experience, has changed the life of so many leaders very directly and tangibly for the better through the HPL program – including mine. No other leadership program I have attended before, including corporate ones and those from esteemed academic institutions, comes even close to HPL’s very practical, deep individual insights that participants can immediately apply in their leadership.

There is hope and there is future!

These days the World out there is in doomsday mood; many people have lost their hope and don’t see a future. The ‘HPL Spirit’ inspires and energizes the participants to go out and convey to the World: “There is hope and there is future!” This strong belief is one of the most valuable gifts we can take from this ever-renewing program. It’s so worthwhile to check it out, whatever stage of your leadership journey you are at.

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