Take your organization’s Value and Access capabilities to the next level – with Akceso’s educational input, governance support and more

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You can rely on our pharma and payor experience and proven solutions, adapted specifically to your needs

PR&MA Governance

Ensure your organization's PR&MA processes, systems, organisation and policy are aligned to payers' and other stakeholders' expectations to execute in a compliant manner.

Pricing Crisis Management

Develop robust response plans to mitigate the impact of emergent issues.

Interim Services

Gain expert PR&MA support & expertise during periods that require increased resources.

Negotiation Training

Strengthen your internal capabilities for the rigours of payer negotiations.

Market Access Academy

Obtain a solid knowledge base across your PR&MA organisation - or as a payer.

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SMEs and Big pharma firms have obtained material benefits relying on our advice. Contact us to explore together how you could.

"During a project on impact of healthcare cost containment in Europe, Akceso co-developed a new methodology to gauge the frequency, nature and impact of measures implemented by countries in Europe, which offered good predictive power for the future."
Head Government & Public Affairs Europe, major Swiss pharma company
"Thank you very much for the excellent rationale & summary of the project. It is very much appreciated."
Head of Product Management Group, European Multinational Pharma Company
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