Why the World needs Catalysts?

Written by Renáta Vincze

’Catalysts to patient access and pricing success for better public health – worldwide.’ This is our motto. Based on Renáta Vincze’s writing, we see how important catalysts can be.

Why the World needs Catalysts

Personal Reminiscence

The different types of Chemistry during my Pharmacy studies have proven the importance of a catalyst in the chemical reactions.

What I realized only a few years later is that catalysts are not only those organic or inorganic compounds that enable a chemical reaction – people can fulfill this role as well in different areas, as an individual or as a team. This role can bring value in our own life, in other people’s lives, in our relationships, business, etc.

On a mission to create win-win

facilitate the market access of different treatments

Akceso Advisors’ main purpose is to facilitate the market access of different treatments all around the world, enabling win-win situations for the stakeholders: patient, manufacturer, marketing authorization holder and payer.

For example applying Akceso’s Real Options Based Optimisation approach, the patients in the countries get rapid access to the treatment while the pharma company benefits by optimal application of International Reference Pricing rules. 

are only a few pieces of this complex equation.

Mechanism of action

There is one essential difference between Akceso working as a catalyst and the chemical ones, namely the mode of action. A literal catalyst is meant to increase the rate of the process without itself undergoing any permanent change. However, we in Akceso are in continuous change and we evolve as we take on and deliver each of our internal and external projects. Every member of our multicultural team adds knowledge to the project but also enriches themselves through the process and the people involved.

Why are these interactions beneficial and why does the world need catalysts?

Because we all need changes to the better, both from professional and personal perspective. In order to maintain or increase progress and productivity, we can become each other’s mentor – even without realizing it. This happens in our team between colleagues, but also in client interactions. I’m sure this is an important internal motivation in many companies, and challenging each other in a positive way will certainly lead to better results. Do you challenge each other in your organization?

pricing potential assessment or a reimbursement strategy for a medicine

In Akceso it has been proven several times that 1+1 can become 3 or even more if we achieve it together. This ability is important in order to obtain the best possible results; something that we are committed to, especially in a complex project like a pricing potential assessment or a reimbursement strategy for a medicine. 

It allows us to successfully deliver pharma pricing and market access projects from A to Z, from end to end. 

I am glad to be part of this journey as an Akceso member – like Akceso’s motto says, by being CATALYSTS TO PATIENT ACCESS AND PRICING SUCCESS FOR BETTER PUBLIC HEALTH – WORLDWIDE.

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