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IRP Master Tool

the advanced launch sequence and in-market price and sales forecasting & optimisation tool

from Akceso for pharma

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International Reference Pricing (IRP or as also called ERP – External Reference Pricing ) may have a negative impact on your revenue and it could also limit patient access to your therapies. Do you plan launching a new product OR is it in-market already and want to be prepared for the price changes? 


IRP Master Tool helps you tackle this challenge through

Advanced launch sequence and sales optimisation

Powerful in-market price change mitigation

Realistic country-by-country predictions for price and net sales evolution while maximising patient access

What is the Verity IRP Master Tool?

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Setting pricing strategy to optimise a drug’s value potential is one of the most important challenges for pharmaceutical companies today. This complex task requires an understanding of the multiple impacts that any price change might have on disparate markets linked through International Reference Pricing (IRP – also known as ERP: External Reference Pricing).

Akceso’s Verity IRP Master Tool simulates the effects of IRP providing you with high-level IRP simulations that show how changes in the price of a drug in one country could impact the price in other countries. It calculates the potential revenue impact, delivered through a web-based tool available anywhere, any time.


Automatic Country Management System

All (incl. small) country rules and regulations
always up to date

Revenue & Patient Access Optimisation

Real options modelling to ensure fastest &
broadest access at target prices

Cause & Effect Analysis

Gain market insight and understand
actions required for price optimization

Intuitive UI Design

Easy to use software
Presentation-ready charts and reports

Cloud-Based & Superfast

Accessible anywhere via secure connection

Ask the Expert
More than Tech Support

Team dedicated to offering
expert and tech support


IRP Master Tool provides

  • Worldwide country scope, 100+ countries
  • Preconfigured IRP basket & algorithm
  • Cause & Effect analysis
  • Regular update of all parameters by Akceso
  • Revenue modeling for any time horizon, NPV
  • Gross-to-Net price calculations, incl. confidential
  • Country-internal comparator referencing
  • Actual price review calendar
  • Scenario management
  • Launch sequence optimization
  • Parallel Trade modeling
IRP Master Tool Country Impact View

Get the edge you need in IRP

case study

Providing the IRP Master Tool for a leading specialist pharma firm to develop an optimal pricing strategy led to

39 %

39% improvement of net sales
to €231m over 5 years*

19 %

Maintainable average launch ex-factory price improvement of 19%*

120 %

Launch list price improvement
in majority of markets up to 120%*


*Compared to baseline

The complex world of IRP (ERP) simplified in the tool:

  • Incorporates real timing of events (referencing, launches, sales evolution etc.)
  • Built-in referencing calendar exactly replicating country – payer behavior
  • Scenario analysis and comparison
  • Cause and effect investigation, helping to identify pivotal countries
  • Preconfigured with all the rules and regulations worldwide, customizable by the user
  • Akceso maintains the rules & regulations always up to date in the system
IRP Master Tool Actions and improvements

Who can benefit from the IRP Master Tool for in-market situations?

The IRP Master Tool is designed with global, regional and country heads of Pricing, Market and Patient Access functions in mind providing valuable support in optimising strategic pricing decisions. The Tool can equally provide insights for functional heads in Pricing, Market Access, Marketing, Finance and Sales.

  • Avoid pitfalls in payer negotiations where price changes in one country can have dire implications for other countries
  • Adjust in-country prices before they have an effect in other country markets
  • Ensure that prices across markets are consistent and comparable


IRP Master Tool will help you to:

IRP Master Tool
will help you to:

  • Drive efficient and effective launch price planning
  • Optimise patient access with a real options approach
  • Improve total revenue of your in market product
  • Forecast price and net revenue effects of events (e.g. price cut in a country)
  • Model parallel trade flows and margin impacts
  • While ensuring fastest access to patients across all countries
Pivotal Countries on the dam can collectively ensure that the value of a medicine is maintained at an appropriate price level for the impacted countries through interdependences by IRP (ERP).

Don’t let IRP surprise you.

Get in touch with us and schedule an IRP Master Tool demo.


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