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Assessing the Consequences of External Reference Pricing for Global Access to Medicines and Innovation: Economic Analysis and Policy Implications

András Incze | Zoltán Kaló | Jaime Espín
Éva KissSophia Kessabi | Louis P. Garrison
Frontiers in Pharmacology, April 2022

No International Reference Pricing for drugs in the US – good news for patients in the US and worldwide

András Incze
LinkedIn, September 2021

Parity and time reversal elucidate both decision-making in empirical models and attractor scaling in critical Boolean networks

Jordan C. Rozum | Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo | Xiao Gan | Dávid Deritei | Réka Albert Science Advances, June 2021

Could International Reference Pricing “Go Viral” After COVID-19?

Lou Garrison, Andras Incze, Jaime Espin, and Zoltan Kalo
ISPOR, November 2020

International Reference Pricing:
U.S. vs. Rest of world–Who Is Shooting Whose Foot?

Lou Garrison, Jamie Espin, Zoltán Kalo, András Incze
ISPOR, May 2020

Pricing & Access Trends for Biosimilars and Innovative Biologics in Europe.

Shilling C, Incze A.
Business Development and Licensing Journal, 2017 July 25

Regulating Drug Prices: summary of presentation.

Incze A. Lorrach University. April 2016

Age-related macular degeneration: collaborating to find a cure.

Amoaku W, Bishop P, Foss A, Hoad G, Johnston R, Luthert P, Shilling C, Smith J.
March 2016.

Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access: the biggest hurdle in life science innovation?

Shilling C.
BioStars, January 2016

Pricing for gold in this multi-criteria multi-payer world. 4th Pricing & Profit Optimization Forum on Life Sciences

Incze A, Noehrenberg E.
EPP Montreux, June 4-5, 2014

Loss of exclusivity – still going profit-strong! How to make it happen? ! 3rd Pricing & Profit Optimization Forum on Life Sciences Sciences

Incze A.
EPP Montreux, June 5-6, 2013

Pricing & Market Access Aspects to Consider During Development.

Incze A.
World Biosimilar Conference, London, September 2012

Value Based Pricing: Key Aspects from a Different Perspective.

Incze A.
3rd Annual Payer Experiences Conference, Berlin June 2011

Estimated Clinical and Economic Impact of Poor Patient Persistence with Osteoporosis Medications in Brazil.

Thompson D, Campbell J, Parekh H, Vincze G, Incze A, Navarro J, Weinstein C M.
ISPOR LATAM Conference, September 2009

Comparison of Data Availability and Quality for Pharmacoeconomic Analyses in Brazil Versus The United States and European Union.

Gabriela Tannus Branco de Araújo, Incze A.
ISPOR LATAM Conference Podium Presentation, September 2009

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