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"I always found your newsletter to be relevant in content, adequate in size and to the point on the different topics. " - Head Pricing & Reimbursement, global pharma company

Pharma experts love the Akceso PRiMA Headlines

Join hundreds of pricing and market access managers and pharma experts in receiving monthly highlights of developments in pricing, reimbursement and market access across the globe.

Akceso Advisors provides a unique window on the PRMA world, offering a regular newsletter that brings together articles covering key developments and themes that affect how and when patients get access to medicines.

Every month we carefully select news headlines from trusted sources reporting on developments in countries across the globe, all translated into English and categorised to help you find insights quickly and easily. 

Pharme Experts Love PRiMA Headlines
stories and counting
over 100
Tired of reading tones of pharma portals and totally useless news

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Being frustrated of not always informed about important news and changes that might effect your pharmaceutical business?
  • Tired of reading many news portals and figuring out what is important and what is not?
  • Remembering a specific article, but have no clue where to find it again?
  • Loosing a lot of time browsing irrelevant industry news or searching for what you really need?
  • Tired of using translators to understand the news not in  English?

What We Promise

A well-curated, relevant set of stories from across the world, providing a broad overview of developments in PRMA

At least monthly review of news globally by experienced PRMA professionals

Search conducted in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian to cover main markets and extracts translated to English.


We offer two types of subscriptions for pharma experts:

  • PRiMA Headlines with acess to the portal and
  • PRiMA Headlines Light.

See what’s included, compare and subscribe!

1. PRiMA Headlines with acess to the portal


~90 articles

all the researched and selected news and stories across the globe, usually around 90 articles per month


An Opinion article from Akceso experts reflecting on the most important trends and changes in the industry sector

PRiMA portal

Full access to the PRIMA Headlines portal to search the archive of articles including more than 7000 stories from 2015.

Ask Akceso

get more details and insights by a Q&A opportunity with Akceso experts

Be informed about pricing, reimbursement and market access news around the globe

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    2. PRiMA Headlines Light


    PRiMA Headlines Light
    PRiMA Headlines Light Example for mobile

    The free and light version of the newsletter around 10 articles per month

    Title of the monthly opinion article

    Content list of the full version with titles only

    Comparing the Full and Light version of the service

    Receive the news monthly in a PDF directly to your inbox and use our searchable portal with all of news since 2015. 

     PRiMA HeadlinesPRiMA Headlines Light
    Monthly newsletter in PDF
    ~ 80 new PRMA highlights across the globe in every month~8 Top Stories Only
    OPINION included, providing insights and analyses of hot topics and key updates
    EASY TO READ on your desktop and mobile as well on the portal
    HISTORY: All previous stories and opinion peaces from 2015. on the portal
    SEARCHABLE Archive of news from June 2015. on the portal
    Q&A OPPORTUNITY with Akceso Experts

    PRiMA Headlines Light is free for our newsletter readers.

    The story of PRiMA Headlines - the curated news service in pricing, reimbursements and market access topics

    Incze András
    András Incze (CEO and Founder)

    I totally understand and know your feelings about PRMA news, it was my personal experience as well in the past.

    I am András Incze, the CEO and founder of Akceso Advisors. In 2009 I was working for a multinational healthcare company as a < add position….>   and got the same frustration every day. And it was not just me, but my colleagues, the Market Access Manager, the  < add positions….> as well. So my colleague and friend Chris Shilling started to collect and share the really relevant news from the area of pricing, reimbursement and market access for the team.

    This service  made us confident of being well informed and able to make as good decisions as possible. So it was no question of proceeding this activity for Akceso team as well. In 2015. we have started to share our curated news list in our monthly newsletter of pricing, reimbursement and market access highlights.

    Being well informed in pharmaceutical industry is one of the strong pillars of Akceso’s success and now we share the full treasure chest of out curated PR&MA news collection with you: the PRiMA Headlines portal is open now for pharma experts and keeps you well informed as it does not just contain all of the news from 2015 and  searchable but we keep it updated monthly.

    The brief history of PRiMA Headlines

    the curated news service in pricing, reimbursements and market access topics

    June 2015.

    Newsletter starts

    Akceso starts the Akceso Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access Highlights monthly newsletter and distribute it in PDF for pharma experts

    June 2015.

    August 2019.

    The 50th issue

    The 50th issue of Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access Highlights monthly newsletter sent out

    August 2019.


    The Portal

    Akceso builds PRiMA Headlines portal including all of the curated stories from 2015. 


    November 2021.

    Open for subscribers

    The full newsletter + the full portal + the QA opportunity with Akceso experts available for you

    November 2021.

    How we operate

    The stories remain the copyright of the news provider – we fully recognize and respect their ownership. We only reference sources and retain referenced headline extracts. If the owner removes it in the future, the full story will be unavailable.

    We conduct a detailed review and make editorial decisions about what to cover, so we cannot say that the content is comprehensive. There are often many reports of the same story, or stories from bigger markets that we feel are less relevant. If you have a specific need for a deep dive into a particular market, we would be pleased to discuss it with you.

    Main editor:
    Chris Shilling Advisor

    Executive editor:
    András Incze CEO and Founder

    Publishing editor:
    Joan Gibert Advisor

    Being pharmaceutical leader, manager, director, pricing and market access managers or CEO you will find our PRiMA Headlines service profitable. Have access to our monthly updated curated news service!


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