We Look Back To A Remarkable Year 2021

We Look Back To A Remarkable Year 2021


We are happy to share with you the blog post of András Incze, CEO of Akceso Advisors on what was accomplished, how we made an impact with our international team in these challenging times and lived up again to our promise.

At Akceso Advisors we look back on a 2021 that has been remarkable in many ways – while celebrating our 10-year anniversary as advisors to pharma companies and payer authorities worldwide.

This past year we had the privilege to work on a breadth of therapies, advancing their access and pricing for the benefit of current and future patients: oncology, hematology, ophthalmology, neuroscience, critical hospital care, numerous rare disease conditions and many more.

We covered a geographic scope of over 90 countries. This included in-depth research across a broad range of areas, including: the pharma pricing and access environment in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and Peru; assessing the patient benefits of new treatments in the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and UK; preparing a launch plan for Europe and assessing the impact of HTA decisions across 56 countries.

The depth of our engagements included global, regional and local levels, with all stages in the treatment lifecycle from Phase 2 through to Loss-of-Exclusivity

We maintained our attractiveness to different types of clients, from small biotech through midsize global to Top10 Pharma companies. 

Akceso Word Cloud 2021

As an independent advisor firm, we were very pleased to be able to further expand our global payer and clinician network; an important value-driver for our clients, and achieved in a virtual environment under the on-going Covid restrictions.

Beyond working on individual treatments, we had an opportunity to assess the impact of policy changes worldwide, including that of the US HR3-based pricing law in its various versions, and highlight their implications on global pricing and access, sharing our insights as speakers at several prestigious conferences. 

Throughout the year we received a lot of encouraging feedback from our clients, e.g. 

“I seldom agree so quickly with my advisors’ recommendations“.

Internal perspective

From an internal perspective we also made quite some advancement in 2021.

We have fully upgraded our flagship ‘Verity’ pricing model supporting our projects and accessible to our subscribers via the Cloud, to perform pricing and list & net revenue forecasting and IRP modeling worldwide with the speed of sound in a very accessible user experience. 

We revamped our website and significantly increased our social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn. This has supported the launch of our new PRiMA Headlines as a premium service covering worldwide developments monthly in pharma pricing and access – building on our experience of the past many years, having provided our readers with insights and curated news, now expanding it with accessible expert advice and a portal.

1+5 team members

During the year we were very pleased to welcome five new colleagues, some of them re-joining after a senior stint in other companies. One of our senior advisors retired after a long and successful career in the pharmaceutical industry; we wish her a well as she discovers how much work a garden can be!

Our standard ‘working remotely operating model’ has enabled our company to flourish from an operational perspective under the various pandemic measures over the year. We were, however, very fortunate to be able to bring many members of the team together again in a hybrid meeting in the summer, celebrating Akceso‘s 10-year anniversary. As well as a deep discussion of business strategy it was wonderful to have lots of fun – a very enjoyable mix of sports, cultural appreciation, dining and philosophical discussions.

Team 2021 Aug Gárdony

I am really glad that we can close the year with a very positive feeling about our achievements and the future, having lived up again to our promise: being catalysts to patient access and pricing success, for better public health worldwide.

Thank You

I want to sincerely thank you: all our clients, our senior global payer and clinician network, or business partners and personally to my fantastic team!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays, a good time at the end of the year with your friends and family (as much as feasible), and stay tuned for an outlook of what we see emerging in pharma access and pricing in a next message early in the New Year!

András Incze
CEO & Founder of Akceso Advisors

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