Mind the communication gap in patient access

Ioanna Roumpou

Written by Ioanna Roumpou


Good communication can unlock the market access potential

“Globalization is speeding up communication capabilities and the transportation of people, ideas and goods, rendering national borders more and more permeable and less consequential. This is an ongoing process that seems irreversible”

How effective our communication is

When I first read this quote, it made me think how effective our communication is nowadays.
Just consider …

  • how often we struggle articulating a complex concept
  • how often we doubt that someone truly understood us or that we completely received someone’s message
  • how we made the other person feel
  • whether we actively listened to the other side and understood their needs, inhibitions, constraints, priorities, and sentiments
  • whether the language barrier made us misinterpret the other side
  • the human tendency to listen selectively, focusing on things that are closer to our perceptions or stereotypes
Understand your customer

A few months ago, I was interviewing a former payor from Israel regarding Value Based Agreements and at some point, I realized that there was a communication gap due to different definitions. What I called Price-Volume Agreements in my terminology seemed to be Closed Budget with tiered prices in their system.  When this was made clear, it unlocked the market access potential of an innovative product in Israel.

We live in an uncertain, complex, fluid, and ambiguous world.  The need to collaborate, to co-create solutions, listen to diverse perspectives, work with different stakeholders, and embed their insights into a proposed strategy is of paramount importance.

Communication within the team

What is the Akceso way of communication?

Within the team
  • A workplace environment that encourages and appreciates open communication on a wide range of aspects.
  • We work remotely and we do not have the opportunity of everyday interaction, but we meet regularly in our Community Calls, and we invest time to communicate, exchange experiences from our daily life, share personal thoughts and talk about things that excite and motivate us.
  • By discussing art and local events we participate in, we understand our cultural background and build respect of each other’s ideas.
  • When it comes to projects, we show trust and appreciation of everybody’s contribution.

This is the power of the effective team, where individual team members harmonize their effort and work toward a common goal.


Communication with our customers
With our customers

In Akceso we pride ourselves on fully understanding our customers’ requirements as well as those of the key stakeholders.

We actively listen to our customers’ needs. 

Before we start a new project, we have alignment meetings and internal interviews within the client company to identify the scope of the project and make clear that the deliverables will meet their needs and requirements.

Frequent follow-up meetings

We closely collaborate with them throughout the project and we have very frequent follow-up meetings to ensure that we follow the right path.

In-depth understanding of value

We gather primary and secondary pricing and reimbursement insights by researching payers’ and clinicians’ perceptions across geographic locations. In this way we gain an in-depth understanding of value through the eyes of the relevant decision makers.

Consultancy & Master Tool

We use our strategic consultancy and state of the art digital applications to manage challenging market access issues.


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