The Essence of 17 Years in Marathon Running

The Essence of 17 Years in Marathon Running


New York City, 7th November 2004. – this was the first marathon run for András Incze, the CEO and Founder of Akceso. On the anniversary, he shares four good reasons of running marathon. Read his touching thoughts below and get to know how marathon view reflects in the Akceso as well.

“Recently was the 17th anniversary of my first marathon run. I wanted to try it once in my life – and it became a passionate habit. There is for me nothing comparable to the

  • thrill and sweet pain of trying to conquer myself,
  • of the breathtaking scenery I can enjoy,
  • being in the flowing community of the pack
  • and the uplifting encounters and socializing with amazing other runners from different cultures and parts of the world

– all these during the 42.2kms of a race. I had the luck to be able to complete 13 full-length races over the past years.”

“When establishing Akceso I had this marathon view in mind and have been living it over the past 10 years:”

“When establishing Akceso I had this marathon view in mind and have been living it over the past 10 years:

  • put in all it takes,
  • enjoy the ride with others – my Team, our Clients and the Network we work with
  • and celebrate together the milestones along a never-ending journey.

Thank you to all who is part of this journey together, with an infinite mindset, through all the pain and joy we are sharing as we go!

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In Akceso Advisors AG we support experts in pharma industry with our services and tools in  the area of 

  • Accelerated Patient Access
  • Reimbursement Strategy
  • International Reference Pricing
  • Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy
  • Market Access
  • Managed Entry Agreements
  • Launch Sequence Optimization 
  • and more

for our common goal: for better public health worldwide.

Are you an expert in pharmaceutical industry?

We know, that experts also need trustworthy data for their good decisions and advice to build fruitful strategy.

Contact as for a helping hand and we will  support your decision with data from our up-to-date, industry leading database of pharmaceutical prices and reimbursement conditions across portfolios and countries and advise  building your strategy with simulations and analyzing pathways.

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