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Evidence-based Asset Valuation, due diligence allows you to maximize the value of your pipeline

Identify the price potential and required payer evidence to succeed with novel pharmaceuticals in the complex world of Pricing & Market Access.

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Evidence-based Asset Valuation, due diligence allows you to maximize the value of your pipeline

Identify the price potential and required payer evidence to succeed with novel pharmaceuticals in the complex world of Pricing & Market Access.

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Benefit from Evidence-based Asset Valuation

The goal of pharmaceutical R&D used to be successful regulatory approval. In today’s world, where budgets are limited and regulations are constantly changing, gaining market access is essential for the success of any pharmaceutical product. That’s why we work closely with our clients to develop strategies that ensure their innovative medications are added to formularies without restrictions at target pricing and quickly adopted by healthcare providers.

Akceso Advisors’ Evidence-Based Asset Valuation methodology provides a highly efficient, cost-effective comprehensive approach to gaining a quick and clear understanding of an asset’s value drivers. We have the expertise and proven toolkit to deliver precise guidance on the price potential and commercial viability of a new medicine, supporting you with rapid, affordable analysis to drive decision-making:


  • Identifying the price potential for different clinical outcome scenarios
  • Forecasting potential income streams for new drugs and assets
  • Facilitating business development decisions through asset buy-in analysis
  • Securing funding for pharmaceutical asset development
  • Providing clear evidence to support sell decisions
  • Prioritizing investment for a product portfolio
  • Recommending payer-relevant clinical endpoints and instruments for clinical trial design
  • Indication sequencing, prioritizing development of a drug
  • Crafting a strategic Pricing and Market Access plan
  • Clinical and economic evidence development
EBAV Product PRMA strategy developmemg and launch

Obtain an objective opinion on market potential

Research has shown that only 40% of marketed drugs are able to recoup their R&D costs. 
Therefore, it is crucial for both pharma and biotech companies as well as potential investors to thoroughly evaluate the market potential – including the achievable price levels and uptake – of any new therapy (or investment) before committing significant resources to its development.

Our successfully completed projects have included:

Delivering a concise, authoritative assessment of the value proposition our client’s lead asset and creating a clinical evidence generation plan in preparation for their IPO

Carrying out a rapid, detailed evaluation of the likely market access conditions for several Pharma corporate venture groups

Conducting comprehensive opportunity characterisation for an investment company

Providing a group of institutional investors with insights into successful pricing and reimbursement strategies

Get evidence-based insights you can trust

We understand some organisations have well-developed pricing and market access teams. Whether you’re at that stage or not, our targeted intervention business model provides you with a cost-effective, high-value service to deliver the specific insights you need, enabling your company’s valuable internal resources to focus on related objectives or other important projects.

Akceso Advisors has a wide network of payers and industry experts who are familiar with the pharmaceutical landscape in both mature and emerging markets. Pricing and market access are always country-specific, so gaining a clear picture of the market access potential in each country is critical when a company is making decisions. 

Combining these market insights with targeted tools, policy knowledge, industry data, and Akceso Advisors’ wealth of experience delivers the insights you need to evaluate strategic opportunities.

EBAV Timelines

Make solid decisions based on our Three-Part Evidence-Gathering Method

Akceso Advisors uses a three-part evidence-gathering method to drive robust, evidence-based decision-making. 

The 3 key elements are:

Data gathering with payer and clinician expert input

building a framework to understand the clinical, economic and societal parameters driving the value of an opportunity, using a combination of secondary research and primary research with KOLs and Akceso’s senior payer network.

Analogue assessment and real-life learning

testing hypotheses and insights against real-life examples to understand the potential scenarios.

Modelling the economically justifiable price

using preliminary economic modelling provides a good understanding of the potential price based on the provided clinical benefit.

The process is completed with a comprehensive analysis of these 3 key elements – using our unique toolkit, experience and ideation to assess an asset’s innovation factor, making sense of the evidence to provide a clear, practical final report, ready for your team to use.

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    Based in Basel, Switzerland, Akceso Advisors AG is a trusted pharmaceutical advisory firm with a diverse global clientele. Our team delivered over 150 successful projects for more than 35 companies in the past decade. Our payer network and expertise in achieving market access in smaller countries have been invaluable to our clients. We have deep experience in launch sequence optimization, and our advisory services have enabled clients to achieve significant sales increases. Thanks to our dedicated team, Akceso stayed true to its motto:  “Catalysts to patient access and pricing success. For better public health – worldwide.”

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    Supported Successful IPOs for global clients
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